It is imperative to me to build on a solid foundations - What type of foundation slab do you use?

We use the tried and tested traditional footings and concrete slabs.

Do you use Waffle Pod Slabs?

Put simply, no.

Does Cypress Pine Frames help with termite protection and can I build with it?

Yes, Cypress is an excellent product and is termite resistant. Yes, you can build as an upgrade.

Flexibility is a key benefit when choosing Burns Builders.

Can you quote on my own plan?

We are more than happy to quote on your plan or ours and offer a free service to meet
with our designer to discuss your ideas

Flexibility is a key benefit when choosing Burns Builders.

What is your usual build time?

Depending on the size of the home the actual build time can vary from 16 weeks through to 20 weeks although most contracts we write are for 18 weeks.

Whereas this is the actual on site build time there is an ordered process to go through to get to a site start.

This includes the initial undertaking of preliminary drawings and engineers soil report required prior to contract signing, followed by the completion of working drawings, colour selections, engineered plans and finally to our certifier for council approval.


What sort of insulation do you use?

We include standard within all our homes:

  • Sisalation® within the walls, which is noticeable on our building sites as the blue paper you will see lining the treated pine wall frames before brickwork commencement. This is also used under the Roof be in Tiles or Colourbond.
  • Sisalation®, in its simplest form, is a lamination of aluminium foil to kraft paper, reinforced with fibreglass and flame retardant adhesive.
  • R2.5 Batts within the ceilings.
  • Currently we are using "PINK BATTS" as they are a sustainable product made from up to 70% recycled glass that would otherwise go in to landfill and they reduce energy which in turn reduces green house gas emissions.

Our insulations are safe to use with allergy suffers due to low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content.

I am looking at purchasing land will you visit the site to give me your imput?

Yes certainly - we are happy to meet on site to discuss the Pros and Cons no obligation

Can we meet with some current and older clients you have built for

Yes we have many happy clients who are more than willing to talk about their experience

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